Updated May 16, 2024

Dear Service Business Owner,

There’s one common fear most service providers have. 

“Where is my next client going to come from?”

Let’s be honest.

It’s hard to make business plans into the future, if you are not sure when that will be. 

Or if it even will be at all…

Good news. 

If you’ve made it so far…

And you’ve been able to sell your service reasonably… 

That means there’s a big market out there waiting for you. 

You just have to find the right audience. 

And the right way to speak to them. 


Just there is where most service providers fail. 

They don’t know how to speak to their audience. 

They try to sell a service. 

When what they actually have to sell is a solution.

A solution to their audience’s problem. 

Because, in all honesty…

Nobody wants to pay for a service.

But you will always happily pay to ease the pain and struggle in a certain area of your life. 

Or to achieve your dreams and desires. 

That’s the key to generating more leads and consistently closing more clients.

Now, let us show you how you can take this basic principle,

Integrate it in every stage of your funnel,

And create a cohesive marketing strategy that delivers results for your businesses. 

And allows you to scale


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The IOS 14 Update has completely changed the game.

Facebook used to be able to really accurately track what their users did online.

It was very easy to just serve our ads up to the people that they thought would be most likely to take action.

But now, they are operating much more blindly.

So if they can’t see who’s clicking through to your website and bringing the value…

They can’t optimise your ads and show them to more people like those who already converted. 


These insider tricks will allow you to navigate through the current changes.

Here’s what you can do to make the most of your social ads and generate high quality leads in 2022:

3 Ways To Get Results On Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads

Last year the best strategy was to run a conversion objective ad funneling your potential customers to your website. 

To either opt-in for a lead magnet or schedule a consultation. 

The challenge now is that once they leave Facebook and go into your website, Facebook can’t know what happens next. 

But they can see and they are allowed to see every action that takes place on the platform. 

Clicks, interactions, video views on Facebook, that’s information they can use to optimise your ads. 

Instead of using conversion ads, you can use ads and objectives that occur within the Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

For example, the new and improved Lead Generation Ad. 

Which is a type of ad that allows people to opt-in within the Facebook or Instagram platform. 

In 2022, videos are becoming the standard. Video ads perform better across the board. 

We always recommend than whenever you plan your creatives for ads that you think how you can include a video instead of images. 

Here are a few tips to make impactful videos: 

– Add captions
– Use ad formats that are specifically design for videos (Stories & Reels) 
– Start by calling out your audience in the first few seconds
– Show the most creative, impactful scene in the first three seconds

Linkedin is one of the best platforms if you have a very specific target (job position, industry and/or company size). 

If that’s your case, here are 3 insider tricks to make the most of your Linkedin ads: 

– Target skills and C-levels instead of job positions. 

Not everybody has their exact job position updated on their Linkedin profile. 

If you want to target Web Developers, you might find that some of them call themselves “Coding Ninjas”. 

Hence, Linkedin won’t be able to target when choosing that job position option. 

However, if you target them by skills + c-level it allows you to overcome that issue and target people that have web development skills in a management position. 

– Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. 

If you are just starting out and your website isn’t the best to drive leads to, you might want to try to run Lead Gen Forms. This is one of the best ways to generate high quality leads at a low cost, if done well. 

Build a highly attractive lead magnet that really appeals to your audience and that directly relates to the problem/solution your service is about. 

– Leverage retargeting in more cost-effective platforms. 

If you’ve run Linkedin ads before you already know they can be quite costly. 

Retargeting ads on Linkedin is no different. 

You can use Linkedin ads to drive high quality leads to your website, but then use more cost-effective platforms (like Facebook) to retarget them and make the most of your ad budget.





Google ads is the perfect tool to find users that are already proactively looking for the services you are providing or similar options. 

The challenge with Google Ads is that because the audience is already aware they need a solution they are gauging the different options between different offers.

That means you are competing heavily with other businesses to stand out and be the chosen one. 

That’s why you can’t simply create ads that present your services, but you need to communicate efficiently in a short time that you are the best option. 

Using this principle and applying it to your campaign strategies is how you get results.

Here are three strategies to get extraordinary results with Google Ads:

3 Ways To Get Results on Google Ads

Keywords are just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to create a profitable PPC campaign, you have to also look at search terms and single keyword ad groups.

Many brands make the mistake of having multiple keywords in a single ad group. Even if all the keywords have the same theme, it makes it a lot harder for ad to match the search term.

Think of it this way- if you have many keywords for your ad group, your ad can never make a 100% match between the keyword you are bidding on and the ad that you want to show.

A way to prevent this, and to make your ads more relevant is Single Keyword Ad Groups or SKAG’s. SKAG’s allow you to control the match between your keyword and your ad.

Having multiple keywords in your ad group essentially hinders your performance and brings down your click through rates.

When you have one keyword per ad group, your ad becomes instantly more relevant, making it more likely to convert and more likely to yield you a sale.

Having only one keyword also lowers your cost per conversion, which means higher profits for you.

Forget your PPC metrics. Forget CPC, CTR and CR for just a minute.

Instead, work out which keywords and placements have the highest sales rate. You can do this by using Google’s Value Track Parameters.

What did you find?

Use your findings to calculate which keywords are making you the most money.

This will then allow you to bid more aggressively on certain keywords.

Once you have found the golden keywords, you have to keep exploring your data.

By looking at Google Value Track parameters, you can track everything from geographical locations to devices and more.

When you have data it can help you to streamline your conversion channels and stop wasting money on things that you know are not going to convert.

Remember, don’t get tied up in numbers. Only track data that is actionable.

Short tail keywords generally steal away impressions from longer more specific keywords.

To avoid this, you need to look at your search terms and make sure that they correspond with the exact same keyword.

Essentially, both your search terms and your keywords have to be a perfect match.

Notice a discrepancy between your keywords and search terms?

You may need to include ad group level negative keyword to give you an exact match.

To do this, add the rogue search term to your negative keyword list. This should then allow a perfect match of the keyword to the search term.

When your keywords and search terms match, it prevents your short tail keywords stealing impressions from your longer tail keywords.

It also makes your ad far more relevant to those searching.




Having a well-optimised funnel is equally, if not more important, than having a proper advertising campaign.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving the right people to your website if you don’t have an effective process set up to convert them. 

Your landing page needs clearly describe the benefits of your service but also build trust and give reassurance to the visitor that they are making the right choice, through testimonials, business cases and valuable information. 

Another crucial factor to make the most of your advertising campaigns is email marketing.

For every £ you spend in email marketing you are very likely to get between £25 – £55 back. 

If you want to make the most of your ads and create a system that converts visitors into customers you should definitely check out the following tips:

Improve Your

Lead Generation Funnel

Many email service providers out there (Mailchimp, Active campaign, Klaviyo, etc) come with these really awesome looking templates that you can use for your e-mails. 

But e-mails with colourful designs that look more like a flyer than an e-mail have a very low chance to land in your subscribers main inbox (and more likely to end up in the Promotions tab). 

Plain text e-mails are more likely to end up in the Primary tab. 

But also, users are more likely to read an e-mail that actually looks like an e-mail. 

Keep it short and sweet, with short one sentence paragraphs, if possible. 

Add some emojis, bold text and italics to highlight certain points. 

Remember people online are skimmers, not readers, so make it easy for them. 

Especially when you are offering a service with a higher price point, the sales cycle tends to be longer. 

That’s why you have to be offering value along the process to help potential clients make a decision. 

A great way is by sending them valuable information that they can apply through different e-mails and content pieces. 

Of course, planning all of this out and sending recurrent e-mails is not an easy task. 

That’s why a great way to ease that work pressure is by automating an e-mail sequence where you deliver to your subscribers different pieces of content depending on their behaviour and their interactions. 

You can start by setting up a simple automation of 4 e-mails delivering valuable information regarding your service and as you build up your e-mail list you can create more segments and automations. 

That will allow you to continuously be engaging your subscribers and creating sale opportunities. 

4 tips for a highly converting home page:

1- Strong hero section

A hero section that instantly communicates what you do and how that benefits your customers.

You should include a strong headline, subheading that gives a bit more explanation and and image that visually represents the written text.

2- Don’t use industry jargon

When writing the copy of your website it might seem effective to use fancy words that might show off your expertise.

But the fact is that it doesn’t help to connect with your customers.

3- Call out the benefits first

A big mistake some businesses do is they want to go straight to the features.

But instead of talking right way about the specifics of your service, you want to communicate what they are going to get out of it. 

The benefits they get from the features. 

A way to do so, it’s by coming up with 3 main benefits they will get from working with you and including them in a simple column layout. 

4- Feature section

Most buyer behaviour is motivated by emotion and only after they have decided on a product in some degree they decide to back that decision up with logic.

That’s why once we have communicated the benefits of working with us, it’s when we can play into that logic part of the brain sharing the specific features. 

There are more tips we can share with you to optimise your website and landing pages. If you’d like to know more about it you can book a call with us using the button below.  



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