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digital marketing with a human touch

In Vinnaz we are not afraid of change. We are highly adaptable. Our data-driven approach give us a sharp eyesight on things. However, our analytical nature doesn’t get in the way of our creativity. We like to think outside the box and are not afraid to turn things upside down to find new opportunities. We keep one foot on the ground and one hand in the sky.

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Harry Lawrence

Paid advertising

His work is heavily influenced by data and statistics which allows accurate performance reporting as well as high growth potential


Ivan Falco

Content Marketing

Focused on growing audiences organically and creating content and marketing strategies to connect with your customers

our story

how was Vinnaz born?

One week before the COVID-19 quarantine started, Harry decided to quit his job. He had been living in Barcelona for 3 years, where he got to meet Ivan Falcó his future business partner.

Harry reached out to Ivan and after a chat they decided to join forces.

Vinnaz was born in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. The new-born made its first steps in a completely new world marked by uncertainty.

That's why in Vinnaz we aren't afraid of change and we always look for opportunities in challenging times.

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