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We focus on two main areas to grow your brand

Paid Ads

Your potential customers are out there, let's find them.

Website Development

Turn more clicks into more customers.

6 reasons why we are different

1. Laser focus

We specialise in Paid Advertising. This laser focus means we are on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the Paid Ads industry.

We optimise & make recommendations that will make your brand’s campaigns more profitable.

2. Holistic approach

We work holistically, looking at any area of your business - from your branding, product, website and emails marketing - that can affect the performance of the ad campaigns.

This is how we get unmatched results!

3. A partner, not an agency

We’re in this together. Our main goal is for you to grow because this means we grow together.

We rather work with fewer clients but be able to provide your business with a better, closer and more personal treatment.

4. Data-driven

Thanks to our data driven approach to managing your campaigns we get the most from your ad spend.

We back up all of our decisions with data and provide you with frequent and accurate reporting so you always stay up to date.

5. Customers, not clicks.

Our aim is to generate sales revenue for your business, not just clicks, reach or impressions.

We constantly monitor the metrics and readjust our strategy to deliver you exactly that, more sales at a lower cost.

6. Human touch

Behind Vinnaz there are real people, Harry Lawrence and Ivan Falco.

We know that any business can suffer ups and downs and you need someone that can be flexible and adapt to your business needs.

We generate unmatched results

Small-sized Brand

Business Case: The Colombia Collective

How we increased the revenue of a fashion brand by 400% using paid ads

Medium-sized Brand

Business Case: Sustainable Tomorrow

How we doubled revenue in just 3 months by optimising their campaigns!

Who we work with.

Meet the founders

Harry and Ivan have several years of experience in the digital marketing sector. Coming from different background and areas in marketing, they decided to join forces and complement each other skills to create Vinnaz and help businesses grow online.

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Learn how we created a highly performing lead generation campaign for a predictive analytics service company.